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At Farnham Dog Grooming only the finest natural products are used. A complete range of services are available from basic bathing and grooming, to the more specialised scissoring and hand stripping that can only be performed by a highly trained and experienced stylist.

It maybe that your dog has a skin condition or simply needs a quick freshen up - whichever it is, it can be done very quickly.

As with most things in life, it is the foundation work that is so very important, and to that end I only use the finest quality shampoos and conditioners, see our Product page. The shampoo used will be matched to your dog's coat and skin type.

I will always initially towel dry your dog and then fluff dry with warm air from a dryer. I do not cage dry or use cabinet driers.

To help you select the service you require I've outlined what we can offer you:

Full Doggy Spa

  • Brushed out before being bathed in a shampoo that is matched to the type of coat your dog has. Conditioner is applied if necessary and according to coat.
  • Ears cleaned and/or plucked
  • Nails trimmed
  • Dried manually, then fluff dried with a warm air dryer
  • Cut or clipped or hand stripped to the breed standard or to your personal requirements.

Bath Only

  • Brushed out and shampooed and/or conditioner applied.
  • Towel dried and finished with a warm air dryer

Additional Services

  • Nail clipping
  • Anal glands
  • Doggy day care
  • Pet to Vet
  • Flea and tick treatment. Any ticks found will be automatically removed and if fleas are found an insecticidal shampoo will be used at an additional cost to support your dog's recovery. Naturally where possible you will be informed but our primary consideration is for your dog's welfare.


Airedale £40.00
Affenpinscher £30.00
Boarder Terrier Hand Strip From £35.00 Depending On Size
Boarder Terrier Clip £30.00
Boarder Collie £35.00 - £40.00
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £30.00 - £35.00
King Charles Spaniel £30.00
Chihuahua £20.00 - £25.00
Cocker Spaniel £35.00 - £38.00
Dachshund £25.00 - £30.00
Flat-Coated Retriever £40.00
Golden Retriever £40.00
Jack Russell £20.00 - £25.00
Labrador £30.00
Labradoodle £35.00
Min Schnauzer £35.00
Giant Schnauzer £45.00
Shih Tzu £27.00 - £30.00
Springer Spaniel £35.00 - £37.00
West Highland Terrier £30.00
Yorkshire Terrier £25.00
Cross Breeds From £25.00

If you cannot see your breed above then don't worry, either call us or use this as an indication:

Small £20.00 - £35.00
Medium £25.00 - £40.00
Large £35.00 - £90.00

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